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Leaked images of Alienware M14x and M18x surface online

Dell has had only three Alienware notebooks up for sale for quite some time, but it seems that consumers may be soon able to have a greater variety of choices, thanks to a couple of leaked images. Apparently, hidden in Dell's factories are two more Alienware notebooks in its production line, and they come in either a 14-inch and 18-inch form factor.

Do you fancy getting yourself an Alienware notebook? If so, it should probably be of little surprise that Dell does not give potential consumers much choice in selecting the notebook that would best fit their needs. After all, with only 11-inch, 15-inch and 17-inch form factors available, chances are consumers who crave an average-sized notebook or a gigantic, full-fledged desktop replacement notebook will probably give Alienware a miss and hop over for something else.

However, it seems that consumers may soon be able to look forward to having two more choices when it comes to selecting a laptop from Alienware's product lineup. Apparently, leaked images of what appears to be 14-inch and 18-inch versions of Dell's Alienware notebooks have been circulating online, as shown below:

No details about the machines' hardware specifications have been revealed yet, but a report from Electronista claims that the 18-inch version, which has been tentatively named the M18x, will sport either two AMD or NVIDIA graphics cards installed via CrossFireX or SLI and will feature a screen capable of full HD resolutions.

The report from Electronista also goes on to claim that the graphics cards that will be installed in the new Dell Alienware laptops will either be AMD's Mobility Radeon HD 6730M or 6770M, while the NVIDIA version will most likely come with the GeForce GT555M.

Lastly, no information about possible retail prices for either notebook has been released yet, so do stay tuned for updates.

Source: dell.benyouhui via Electronista

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