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Leading analyst anticipates shortages for PS4 and Xbox One during launch

XB1 vs PS4

According to Colin Sebastian, an analyst from the firm Robert W. Baird, gamers will likely see “initial shortages” of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 during each console’s respective launch.

The analyst cites the “complexity” of each system’s planned launch as the main reason behind the shortages, with such factors as the growing number of pre-orders and the overwhelming demand contributing directly to each console’s “complex” launch schedule.

“This also partly explains why the manufacturers have been somewhat judicious in allocating pre-sale units to retailers,” Sebastian explains, “so that there won’t be a lot of unhappy customers from day one,”

This news shouldn’t come to much surprise to gamers, as just about the entire global gaming sphere is looking forward to the next generation of console gaming–many of which have already secured their consoles with pre-orders across various digital or in-store retailers.


The analyst isn’t sure which console will make it onto the market first, but he does claim that whichever system that launches first will have an advantage:

“From a timing perspective, both platforms will want to launch before Thanksgiving/Black Friday, and ideally at least a couple of weeks in advance of that in order to replenish the retail channel.

“In terms of who goes first, it would certainly be ideal to launch first, and gain all of the initial attention and momentum, as console launches are really the only equivalent of a ‘red carpet’ event for the industry.”

So far, Microsoft’s Xbox One is the first console to announce a concrete launch–even if it’s just a month window instead of a specific date–in November, with Sony following up with their “Holiday 2013” window. It looks as if the Xbox One will release first, but Sony might throw a curveball with an announcement at this year’s Gamescom or Tokyo Game Show.

Despite Sebastian’s claims, demand for Sony’s PlayStation 4 are exceedingly high as the console seems to remain the more anticipated and acclaimed choice between the two contenders, and it will be interesting to see what happens if the Xbox One is released ahead of the PS4–whether or not Microsoft’s system can oust the PS4 in popularity during it’s launch.

Xbox One

So far GameStop has reported that it’s currently sold out of PS4 pre-orders, but actual pre-order numbers weren’t revealed.

Additionally, Microsoft’s Major Nelson has recently Tweeted that pre-orders for the Xbox One are sold out for almost every retailer, and the pre-orders are breaking current numbers set forth by the Xbox 360. Interestingly enough neither Major Nelson or Aaron Greenberg cited specific numbers for the pre-orders themselves.

Both consoles have reportedly pulled in record-breaking pre-order numbers, with some retailers even claiming that they took in over two times the number of pre-orders set by current-generation consoles.

While the PS4 remains the dominant choice for most gamers, the Xbox One may surprise the gaming world in the next coming months with new features or reformed policies–to date, Microsoft has back-pedaled on their always online requirements and have included a headset in every Xbox One bundle.

All in all the next generation of console gaming is shaking up the entertainment sphere and remains a shifting point in the gaming community, and hopefully both Microsoft and Sony will be prepared for the massive influx of eager consumers when each console is launched.

Microsoft’s Xbox One is slated for a release this November for $499 retail, with Sony’s PlayStation 4 releasing on the market during “Holiday 2013” for $399.

Via GameSpot

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