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Lawmakers Push for Renewable Energy in Massachusetts

A newly proposed bill would require 100% renewable energy by 2035.

Three Massachusetts lawmakers have proposed a bill which aggressively pushes renewable energy, requiring the state to rely solely on renewable energy by 2035, and further eliminates fossil fuels from heating and transportation as well. So far, the state has mandated 1,600MW of power to offshore wind farms, and is planning to set energy storage goals as well. If the bill is successful, the state will entirely phase out fossil fuels by 2050.

State representative Sean Garballey, one of the bill’s sponsors, stated that it “provides a bold step by placing the Commonwealth on a path to a cleaner and more sustainable future. He adds that if the measure passes, it would lead to job creation, as well as environmental and health benefits. “More importantly, it signals to the country our commitment to long-term solutions in meeting the very real challenges of climate change,” he added. The bill is also being sponsored by representative Marjorie Decker and senator Jamie Eldridge.

The proposed bill would entirely phase out fossil fuels like coal by 2050

The legislation would require Massachusetts’s Department of Energy Resources to set targets for carbon-free energy growth to ensure that the state stays on track to it’s 100% renewable energy goal by 2050.The lawmakers’ statements, which were sent through advocacy group Environment Massachusetts, said the bill aims to “complement and strengthen” the Global Warming Solutions Act. Ben Hellerstein, state director for Environment Massachusetts, said the bill “sends a clear message to officials in DC”.

The bill comes only a short time after President Donald Trump took office, amid campaign promises of a revitalized coal industry in America. His new administration has received criticism for prioritizing energy production over regulation. This begs the question whether the new bill is a well-planned step towards a sustainable future, or simply an aggressive response to the new administration.

source: Environment Massachusetts


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