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New Fender FXA9 IEM Earbuds – Smashingly Gorgeous Sound And Looks

02 May 2017 – Fender unveiled their latest and greatest IEM earbuds at the Montreaux Jazz Cafe, Orchard Road – The Fender FXA9 Pro-IEM Earbuds.


These babes, christened the FXA9, are Fender’s best Pro In-Ear monitors yet. Musicians will want them for their great noise isolation and high fidelity – vital for flawless monitoring of their stage gig. Audiophiles will appreciate its expressive sound signature (that does not scrimp on details) and very low impedance.

Dale Lott – The brains behind Fender’s line of Pro-IEM earphones.

The FXA9 is a break in several ways from heavy-hitters from other brands. It has a combination of (only) six expertly-tuned Balanced Armature drivers, but are designed to deliver the maximum possible performance while keeping things simple and light. Their sonic weight is amplified through a special groove-tuned port, 3D-printed into the shell.


Fender’s unique DHT 3D-printing process ensures a resonance-free shell that precision-orientates the drivers, removing the need for a crossover. The shell’s unique shape is functional too, formed to fit 95% of ears comfortably.

They also serve to protect the listener’s hearing in a live concert environment through noise-isolation.

Admiring the 24k gold-plated nozzles.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re a pro-user or just listening from your smartphone. The FXA9 is just as easy to drive with an impedance as low as 21 ohms, and a sensitivity of 121db lb linW coming through its detachable oxygen-free silver cables. Portable amps and DACs are welcome, but are not required to enjoy these IEMs.

The packaging.

My take on its sound? I noticed that the FXA9 had music sound more heavy and energetic, much in line with Fender’s Rock n’ Roll heritage. It rocks flawless details and a surprisingly open sound for an IEM. It almost felt like I was listening to on-ear cans with these. Minute details can be easily picked up even when played softer than my usual listening level, and in a noisy environment! At higher gain levels my music didn’t disintegrate, but track separation remained just as polished, only louder!

Fender IEMs are the brainchild of Mr Lott, engineer, music lover and amazing singer. Here seen lending his stratospheric vocals to ‘Don’t Stop Believing’.

Also featured are the new CXA1 Pro IEMs. These are attractively priced within reach of the masses, yet offer great performance and a comfortable fit. The CXA1 comes with a custom 8.5mm full-range titanium driver, an in-line microphone with 3-button music/volume controls, and secure fitting noise-isolation tips.

The new Fender CXA1 Pro-IEM Earbuds.

The Fender FXA9 (S$1,999) is sold in Pearl White, Chameleon and Bronze Pearl. The CXA1 (S$219) retails in Metallic Blue, Metallic Black and Metallic White. Both are available at TC Acoustics.

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