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Latest OS X Lion developer preview features new ‘About This Mac’ windows

With OS X Lion well on schedule for its eventual release, it will be of little surprise that the occasional screenshot leak of Apple's upcoming operating system will eventually start making its rounds around the depths on cyverspace. Indeed, the latest leaks seem to indicate that certain features in Lion will now be presented in what we would possibly call a 'new look'. 

When it comes to creating user interface, it is probably a safe bet to say that no one makes them like Apple does, and for good reason. After all, it is hard to for most people to fathom how hiding features and options is supposed to result in a more user-friendly interface that empowers the user into making well-informed decisions when navigating around their computers, and yet Apple has somehow managed to pull it off.

Of course, this trend is all set to carry on in Apple's next iteration of the OS X operating system, and early developer builds, along with mockup screenshots seems to reinforce that fact. And with the latest developer build now reportedly being made available, it seems that Apple's obsession for flashy, graphics-heavy user interfaces is even being extended to windows as mundane as the 'About This Mac' information window. Gone are the days of staring at a tiny window that informs users about their Mac's processor, OS version and serial numbers: that information has been given a makeover.

Granted, the new About This Mac window definitely looks way more prettier than the way its information was presented to users in pre-Lion versions of OS X, but we could not help but feel that this change is only going to appeal to the average Joe and not your typical tech enthusiast or IT support personnel, both of whom are more inclined towards seeing that information presented in simple text entries.

Furthermore, considering that the information listed on the windows shown above are anything but end-user comprehensible (most people won't even know that DDR3 memory sticks come in different speeds, nor do they need to), it seems that these changes are only there to let OS X users enjoy the fact that their system specifications are presented in nicer looking windows than their Windows-using counterparts.

Source and images: Ars Technica

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