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Latest Games on the PlayStation Asia’s Store

Alienation, Coven and Labyrinth of Refrain, Resident Evil Umbrella Corps, and Battleborn will now be up on the PlayStation Asia Store for download.



Think Battlefield is the only game where you can wreck havoc to your environment? Alienation will allow you and your 4-man team to unleash a huge array of classic, hybrid and extraterrestrial weapons to rain hell on your enemies.

Purchasing the game before 4th July  (included) will allow users to receive a dynamic theme as an early purchase bonus. What’s more, if you are a PlayStation®Plus member,  you will be able to enjoy an additional 10% discount.

The Unexplored Dungeon Awaits – Coven and Labyrinth of Refrain


Within “Refrain”, an uncharted underground labyrinth awaits. There are tales of treasures and immortality there  and some say it holds a dark lord capable of world destruction.

A sorcerer with a mystical book left behind by the only survivor of the labyrinth appears. With her disciple, the witch decides to bring their magic and curiosity, to uncover the mysteries of the dungeon.

The Resident Evil Competitive Shooter, Resident Evil Umbrella Corps

ss2_Resident Evil Umbrella Corps

Pit yourself against the best of Umbrella Corps by downloading this epic competitve shooter. Slay the zombies and all that stand in your way today.

Both a Standard Edition and a Deluxe Edition will be released. The premium Deluxue Edition will pack on a host of extra content to put you ahead of the rest, including weapons, patches, cosmetic options, emotes and skins to turn your avatar into classic Resident Evil characters Chris, Leon, Jake, Barry, HUNK and Wesker.

Take Two (2K) Games Mega-Sale (Battleborn Included)


Renowned game manufacturer Take Two is giving fans a massive discount on the PlayStation store, and its 2016 hit, Battleborn will get a huge slash off its price as well.

Game Title Platform Category Discount
Battleborn PS4 Game 33%
Battleborn Digital Deluxe PS4 Game 33%
Borderlands: The Handsome Collection PS4 Addon 60%
Evolve PS4 Game 70%
Evolve Digital Deluxe PS4 Game 70%
Evolve Ultimate Edition PS4 Game 70%
Evolve Hunting Season 1 PS4 Addon 40%
Evolve Hunting Season 2 PS4 Addon 40%
Sid Meier’s Civilization® Revolution™ 2 Plus PS Vita Game 25%
XCOM®: Enemy Unknown Plus PS Vita Game 25%
Borderlands 2 Ultimate Edition PS3 Game 80%
Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Ultimate Edition PS3 Game 70%
BioShock® PS3 Game 75%
BioShock Infinite: Ultimate Edition PS3 Game 70%
XCOM®: Enemy Within PS3 Game 75%
Spec Ops: The Line PS3 Game 83%
The Bureau: XCOM Declassified PS3 Game 75%
WWE 2K16 PS3 Game 50%
WWE 2K16 Season Pass PS3 Addon 20%
WWE 2K16 Digital Deluxe Edition PS3 Game 50%
WWE 2K16 PS4 Game 50%
WWE 2K16 Season Pass PS4 Addon 50%
WWE 2K16 Digital Deluxe Edition PS4 Game 50%

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