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Latest estimates peg gold Apple Watch Edition price at $5,000

Forget Swiss watch territory, this is luxury Swiss watch territory and then some.

Gold Apple Watch

It’s not like Apple to take the wraps off an unfinished, unpolished piece of technology, leave its hordes of fans and prospective buyers hanging for months, and on top of it all, reveal little of substance in regards to retail costs.

Then again, wearable devices are a whole new ball game for Cupertino, and given Samsung, Sony and even LG and Motorola have got a head start, the iPhone and iPad makers need a different kind of marketing strategy.

One that involves plenty of misdirection, confusion and secrecy, with things like precise battery life or water protection remaining up in the air in addition to pricing. Of course, money talks louder than autonomy, swimming abilities or remote online payments made from your wrist, so the main key to Apple Watch’s success is its face value.

Now, we probably shouldn’t be too hard on Apple. They haven’t been all cryptic vis-à-vis the pricing structure of the “iWatch”. We know how much the low-cost, “entry-level” Sport version will set us back early next year – $349.

Apple Watch Edition

But what about those who want to feel special and reckon an aluminum and glass mix of build materials is for peasants? Well, according to projections (read guesswork) from reputable writer and blogger John Gruber, the stainless steel/sapphire flavor shall cost $999, and the Apple Watch Edition, made entirely of 18-karat gold, a whopping estimated $4,999.

That’s 5,000 smackaroos, ladies and gentlemen, and for just $995 extra, you can get an opulent Rolex Explorer on Amazon. Which isn’t constructed out of gold though, and as one famous philosopher once put it, “gold is best”.

All jokes aside, it’s possible the Apple Watch Edition will cost even more, once again according to Gruber, who definitely knows a thing or two about iGear. How much more? $9,999 is apparently just as plausible, since the gold used to produce the timepiece alone could be worth $5,000, maybe $6,000, depending on the weight. And rumor is the Watch Edition is quite heavy.

Best case scenario, Gruber says, you’ll be able to score the luxurious gizmo at two thou. So forget $1,200 and start saving up if you want to take a shortcut towards looking like an oil tycoon.

Source: Daring Fireball

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