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Latest batch of Apple reports hint at iWatch setback, no sapphire for iPhone 6

Many analysts seem to predict possibly the biggest holiday season in Apple’s history, thanks to unprecedented iPhone demand and the elusive iWatch’s debut, but just as many hint to imminent trouble in Cupertino paradise, on account of countless production hiccups.

iWatch concept

Don’t let Jimmy Kimmel fool you, Apple’s first dive in hazardous but potentially immensely rewarding wearable waters is still being carefully prepared. A little too carefully, some may say, as the iWatch, aka iTime, has been in testing for months. Maybe years.

So what exactly is taking Tim Cook and his team of “forward-thinking” employees so long? Can’t speak to previous delays, but the latest is blamed on mysterious manufacturing pickles encountered by Apple’s numerous component suppliers.

No one’s really in a position to venture a precise guess and point the finger to a certain someone, but the bottom line is credible sources all around Asia are suggesting the iWatch will see daylight alongside the larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6, sometime in late November or early December.


That’s the best case scenario, mind you, with the pessimistic forecast putting both the iWatch and iPhablet on track for a Q1 2015 launch. Still, a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 should come in time for the holidays, as well as iPad Air and iPad mini 2 sequels, so all in all, it sounds like Apple’s short-term financial prospects are safe.

Speaking of future iPhones, the long-rumored, hotly-anticipated sapphire glass coating is becoming a longer and longer shot by the day. The consensus among tipsters and leakers is Apple can’t possibly handle the large-scale assembly of uber-resistant iOS smartphones, so at best, one or two iPhone 6 versions will ditch Gorilla Glass.

The highest-end models, that is, so the 128 GB 5.5 incher and, maybe, the 64 GB 4.7 incher too. As for release timeframes, our best guesses remain September-October (the petite guy), and November-December (the big bad wolf).

Sources: Apple Insider, UDN, G for Games, Cnet

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