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Last year’s Nexus 10 landing this year in India, $480 starting price

Say, do you by chance know what in the name of Android KitKat happened with the alleged Asus-made second-generation Nexus 10? I mean, all the signs pointed to the big guy chaperoning the Nexus 5 on its way to store shelves, yet the 10-incher is still not official.


Even worse, the rumors have stopped. Could it be that we were Rickrolled into believing a made-up product was in fact real? No one can know for sure (aside from Googlers), but one thing is crystal clear – even if the Nexus 10 2 lands in time for the holidays, India won’t be one of its first destinations.

It’s only the coming weeks that the first-gen tab is expected to debut around those parts, with Google’s local Play Store listing the 16 GB Wi-Fi version at the equivalent of $480 (INR 29,999).

That’s rather “spicy”, with Americans nowadays being able to score the 32 GB model for as less as 400 bucks, but you know how these things go. There’s taxes and whatnot to take into account. Oh, and let’s not forget greed.


Meanwhile, Indians should expect at least one fresh Nexus gadget in their Christmas stockings, as the N5 is itself present in the local branch of Google Play at $465 (INR 28,999) with 16 GB of built-in storage and $530 (INR 32,999) for the 32 GB-er.

Finally, the 2013 Nexus 7 has been slapped with an extravagant $415 (INR 25,999) price tag in a 32 GB model with cellular support. Budget-friendly? More like budget enemy.

All three Nexus-branded gizmos are technically unavailable for sale at this time, yet odds are the entire trio will start shipping before Santa Claus slides down your chimneys. Just make sure you’re loaded or have been exceptionally good this year.

Source: NDTV Gadgets

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