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Largest US Wind Farm Gets Approved

A new wind farm off-shore from Long Island, NY, will be the US’ largest.

Local authorities in New York have approved construction of the largest wind farm in the United States, to be located some 50 km off the south east tip of Long Island, beyond Brooklyn and Queens. The wind farm will initially comprise 15 turbines capable of producing 90 MW of power, which will be providing electricity to some 50,000 homes. Construction on the site is expected to begin as early as 2019.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the project alongside the Long Island Power Authority, and stated that the wind farm will not be visible from shore. The project’s operator, Deepwater Wind, told the press that they hoped to wrap up construction by 2022, but that no manufacturer had yet been found for the turbines. This is only the second off-shore wind farm to be built in the United States, following Rhode Island’s Block Island wind farm, which has been up and running since December. Block Island has five turbines, which provide electricity to 17,000 homes.

Block Island wind farm

“There is a huge clean energy resource blowing off of our coastline just over the horizon, and it is time to tap into this unlimited resource to power our communities,” Deepwater Wind CEO Jeffrey Grybowski said in a statement. The new wind farm, which has been dubbed South Fork, could potentially support enough turbines to generate up to 1000MW of power, explained governor Coumo in a statement. The governor has already committed to the goal of producing 2.4 GW of power from offshore wind energy by 2030, enough to power 1.25 million households.

The agreement between Long Island Energy Authority and Deepwater Wind states that the government will pay for any energy generated by the wind farm, but will not provide funds to aid in South Fork’s construction.

source: Phys.org

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