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Large, robust and affordable, Samsung’s Galaxy Xcover 3 is coming soon

More than two years after the XCover 2, but it’s never too late to target the devoted outdoorsy audiences.


Sony brought water and dustproofing features to the mainstream top-tier mobile scene, Samsung took the cue, and it looked like the end was near for low-cost ultra-rugged gear. After all, if you could have the basics of the niche and cutting-edge internals, why mess up the balance?

Well, here’s a reason – making the standard Galaxy S5 water-resistant was costly for Samsung, and it added unnecessary bulk to the chassis. And since the GS6 is to employ heftier, more premium build materials, any method that can keep the weight and price down is welcomed.

Alas, that means the “next big thing” will have to be protected around the pool (and toilet bowl), but on the bright side, the Galaxy Xcover franchise is in for a reboot. Yes, the product roster Sammy abandoned in 2013, after rolling out two muscular entry-level handhelds.

The Xcover 3 has been caught in the wild in what looks like fairly advanced pre-release prototype form, and thanks to GFX Bench, we already know a thing or… ten about its specs.

Galaxy Xcover 3

It’s no powerhouse, that much is clear, or a classic looker, and the screen resolution listed at the benchmarking authority is a disaster. 800 x 480 pixels on 4.8 inches of glass? Let’s not even tally the resulting ppi.

Then you have a decidedly mediocre quad-core 1.2 GHz Marvell PXA1908 processor, 1 GB RAM, 8 GB internal storage (5.3 user available), and sub-par 5 MP/2 MP camera duo. Waiting for the upside? You won’t find it in the numbers department.

Unless you’re thinking IP68 and MIL-STD-810G certifications for everything from lengthy water immersions to dust contact, shocks, solar radiation and so on and so forth. In that sense, the Galaxy Xcover 3 is a beast, and can survive actual wars.

Enough to make you forget about the horrible pixel count and all the hardware flaws? It all probably depends on pricing, the piece of the puzzle still missing.

Source: GSM Arena

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