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KT will make indoor LTE speed faster with ‘One Chip Femto Cell’

KT (formerly Korea Telecom) announced yesterday that it will eventually expand the commercialization of 'LTE Femto Cell' throughout South Korea.  'LTE Femto Cell' is a miniscule base station that allows users to enjoy fast LTE WARP even in basements, buildings and metropolitan cities.

'LTE Femto Cell,' a miniscule base station, offers a stable LTE service inside buildings by being installed in gaps within the buildings.  The installation can increase LTE speed in major areas by three to five fold.

The first ever indoor solution released by KT, it promises higher performance and efficiency compared to general Femto Cells.

LTE Femto Cell consists of a modem and a CPU in a typical SoC, built with the aim of small size, low electricity consumption and low cost. 

In addition, KT's LTE Femto Cell utilizes the world's best 424,000km optical communication internet cable, which enables it to provide a stable and fast LTE network, whereas the standard 3G Femto Cell utilizes VDSL interent cable.

Moreover, LTE Femto Cell can send and receive LTE signals to and from all the gaps within buildings.  The feature is being recognized as a critical technology for stable VoLTE voice calls.  KT is planning to offer a stable VoLTE service by linking its service to virtualization technology of LTE WARP and LTE Femto Cell which will reduce any interference of borders between base stations. 



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