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Kowa-Girlie, the Snap-On Instant Door Camera

Magrex Japan introduces the Kowa-Girlie camera, the camera that you can easily "snap on" and install on any door, and can be conveniently accessed via smartphone.

Want to install surveillance cameras at your place but find the installation and networking procedures a hassle? Then this tech item might be for you. Japanese tech hardware developer Magrex has introduced the Kowa-Girlie camera, the wireless, portable surveillance camera that you can easily install anywhere and whenever you need it.

Like a huge clip, the Kowa-Girlie camera can be conveniently snapped onto any door. It doesn't need screws to fix on, no frames to latch on, and no bases to hang on. In fact, aside from the user's preferred placement or position, it requires absolutely no technical installation procedure. And because it is wireless, there's also no need for any extra wiring, making it tidy to look at and easy to fix to the door. When not needed, or if you want to use it on another door, you can simply pull the Kowagirlie camera off the door and it will be "uninstalled".

Smartphones can connect to the Kowa-Girlie camera via Wi-Fi. Aside from simply recording whatever the camera sees, users have the other option of instantly taking a snapshot instead, using the camera's special app. In addition, the camera is installed with a motion sensor, and it is set by default to only start working when someone is in front of the camera.

The main camera of the device uses a 655×488 CMOS sensor. It has a maximum observation angle of 95 degrees horizontally, and 73 degrees vertically. Using the device requires a minimum ambient illumination intensity of 5 lux before it can properly register images. Saved videos are encoded in H.264 format. Frame rates are set at 10, 15 and 20 fps, while bitrates are set at 0.1~2.0Mbps. Display size can simply be adjusted from the smartphone's side.

As for its general hardware specs, its dimensions are 189 x 99 x 102 mm, and weighs 180g. It is powered by a 4400mAh battery. When used non-stop, it can run for 15 hours. If it is used with the motion sensor on, assuming that it goes off in one day around 10 times for 1 minute each, it can last for almost 3 months. Recharging is done via USB.

The Kowa-Girlie camera and its special app are compatible with iOS 4.3+ and Android 2.2+. It has an estimated price of 14,800 yen (158 USD) in Japan.

Source: MyNavi (JP), Magrex (JP)

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