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Knocki – Redefining Remote Controls

This week on VR-Zone’s ‘Crowdfunding Campaign Of The Week’, we feature Knocki, a device which allows you to control your devices at a tap of your fingertip – well almost. Knocki is a portable Smart device that transforms any surface into a touch remote control by tapping on SurfaceLink Technology. The device can be attached to a wall, table, furniture or any other common flat surface you can find in your office or home space.

Knocki in Hand

Knocki does so by connecting to all your Smart devices via Wi-Fi and gives you full control of it with a knock, tap or combination of both. A single Knocki can store up to 10 different knock and tap combinations – only if you have the memory capacity to remember them all!

It gives you real time control and status of lights, climate controls, security alarms, new emails, music, alarms, texts, turn on or off kitchen devices and order a pizza. In short, any and almost every Smart device can be controlled by Knocki.

Knocki on Desk

Its setup is relatively simple and can be completed in three steps. Firstly fix Knocki on a surface, download the companion mobile application and start tapping or knocking away your commands to be stored on Knocki.

Compatible with most Smarthome and Smartphone devices (Apple and Android), some of which include WEMO, Spotify, Google Mail, Twitter and even Facebook. More platforms will be added in due course of time as its companion mobile application gets updated.

As much as Knocki is an ingenious gadget that will give us full control of our devices without actually having to touch them, it will only work if you already have Smart devices. These Smart devices might be already in the market, with new ones popping up already every week, however not many of us have a home that is remotely Smart.


Availability and Price

Even though Knocki is new to Kickstarter, thousands have already been purchased – most of their early bird pledges being swiped up. Next in its pledge package lineup has prices starting from SG$107 (US$79), which includes one Knocki, a surface mount, 3M tape, AAA batteries, companion mobile application and setup guide. International shipping is at an additional flat rate of SG$34 (US$25). All orders look to be fulfilled by December later this year – just in time for the holidays.

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