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Kingston HyperX T1 2400MHz 8GB Kit Review

Kingston's current offerings in the DRAM market might not seem as aggressive as some of the other vendors, however Kingston is bringing back some of their old lines such as the T1 line with tall heatspeaders. This is one of Kingston's latest shots at the high-end DRAM market for Z77 overclocking, so follow us as we put it through its paces. We will see if it lives up to the great overclocking promise from the Kingston T1 line of the X58 era. 


Kingston is one of the major players in consumer memory products. In the past they were known for making some really good memory kits during the X58 days, however since the LGA1155 platform came out and the DRAM prices fell we have seen fewer high-end products from them. Recently however with Z77 launch Kingston has begun to refocus on the high-end of consumer memory, launching 2666 MHz memory sticks and some handpicked 2800 MHz kits they were moving back into the field. However those kits were single sided and didn’t provide optimal performance. Now Kingston has taken a second shot at this segment with some double sided kits rated at 2400MHz and 2133MHz. Today we will take a look at the 2400mhz kit, and see how well Kingston binned this memory. 


Manufacturer/Spec Kingston KHX24C11T1K2/8X
Density 2x4GB
IC Brand Hynix CFR 
XMP Speed 2400MHz
Command Rate T1
Cas Latency(tCL)/tRCD/tRP/tRAS 11, 13, 13, 30
Stock/XMP vDDQ 1.5v/1.65v
Single or Double Sided Double 
Burst Length 8

These specifications are actually pretty good considering it advertises T1. WHat is odd however is that when we loaded XMP on the motherboard, the board defaulted to T2 instead of T1. 

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