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Kingjim’s tablet carry case could also charge gadgets

Mobile batteries comes in many shapes and sizes, but if you need one that combines elegance and convenience in one package, then Kingjim Japan’s new mobile battery might just fit the bill.


The Baterio (BAT10) Note Case version certainly wins points when it comes to design elegance, since it is well, designed after a regular note case. The battery is actually located at the front, and multiple connection ports are, as shown, neatly arranged on one side, ready to plug n’ charge. There is also a charge indicator located at right side of where the battery is.

Function-wise, it doesn’t have any unique tech-based features, and usage is also very straightforward. However the convenience of being designed as a note case makes it perfect to be carried along gadgets with the same form factor. Yes, that’s “gadgets” with an “s”. A typical 7-inch tablet for example, can be easily slipped inside, along with perhaps other adequately thin gadgets, doubling as a protective case for such mobile devices.

Of course, as a note case, there is also the alternative function as a file or document carrier, in fact it is advertised to carry A5-sized documents. But, we’d presume using it as such could be quite unlikely, due to obvious “power-related” reasons.

The battery inside is Li-ion, with a charge capacity of 2400mAh. It has one microUSB port, and two standard USB ports. It is available in white and black color variations.

The Baterio Note Case version will be available in Japan on July 12, 2013, at a price of about 7,000 yen (70.5 USD).

Source: ITMedia (JP)

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