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Kids want iPad for Christmas; good luck Santa!

I don't want a lot for Christmas.  There's just one thing I need, and that's an iPad.

If you believed in Santa (maybe you still do now) when you were a kid, then perhaps you may also remember the letters which you wrote in details telling Santa how good you were and that all you wanted was a Pentium II.  Okay, maybe just a few of us wanted a processor back then as a kid, but kids in this day and age want gadgets.  Not just any gadgets mind you, but toys from the most expensive brand.

A survey conducted by Nielsen Wire has revealed that 48% of U.S. kids aged 6-12 intend to ‘buy’ an iPad within the next 6 months.  Second on the wish list is Nintendo’s latest Wii U game console, followed closely by three other Apple products—the iPod Touch, iPad mini, and iPhone.

Consumers 13 years of age and up also have the iPad as their top choice of gizmos to buy within the next 6 months.  However, the only other Apple product to make the top 5 most wanted list for this age group is the iPhone.  Still, the Apple brand dominates the American culture as kids ages 6 to 60 want in on the Apple bobbing this holiday season.

Tablets other than the iPad are also coveted tech toys, but clearly they’re not as popular as the iPad among kids 6-12.  The iPad, too, is more popular among mature consumers (13+), although older folks are more inclined to consider an iPad alternative.

If Santa outsourced his manufacturing, Apple (and by extension Foxconn) would probably be able to fulfill most of the requests of the good little boys and girls, but even Santa may not have the budget to leave an iPad under every Christmas tree.

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