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Kid sneaks onto plane, blames Grand Theft Auto

In a remarkable feat, a 9 year-old from Minneapolis managed to stowaway on a jetplane and fly to Las Vegas with no documents. His parents thought he was with a friend and is baffled that airport security didn’t catch him.


Here’s a kid who is obviously more clever than people usually give him credit for. Somehow, a 9 year-old managed to get from his home in Minneapolis, to the airport. There, he managed to sneak through security without a boarding card or a passport and even managed to find his way onto a plane. By the time his parents had figured out that he wasn’t at a friend’s house, the kid had managed to stowaway on the plane and fly halfway across the country to Las Vegas, Nevada, where he was finally caught. When questioned, the 9 year-old found the perfect scapegoat and blamed it on video games, saying he thought he was playing Grand Theft Auto.

The child’s father told reporters his account of the events, all the while dressed in a tightly wrapped black hoodie to conceal his identity. “I’m a parent, I’m not perfect…” he said, “We assumed he was at a friend’s house. We had no idea where he was.” According to the father, his son had never flown before. The father expressed disbelief that airport security would mess up this bad, letting a child through security without supervision or any documents, especially in this day and age. We tend to agree with him.


I’m almost impressed with this kid. That’s taking running away from home to a whole new level.


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