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Kickstarter project misses goal by $28

A Kickstarter project for a game called Alpha Colony just missed its deadline by $28. Kickstarter says tough luck, but it won't bend the rules.

Alpha Colony, an "Exploration, Building and Trading simulator" game, fell short of its Kickstarter goal over the weekend. The dev team was looking for $50,000 worth of pledges and it missed this goal by a measly $28. This means the game won't get any of it's funding: Kickstarter works through "pledges"; a supporter's credit card is only billed if the goal is reached. Kickstarter has stated that it won't bend the rules, despite how close the project got. A spokesperson explained to Kotaku yesterday: "That's really, really uncommon. It was a tough finish, but unfortunately we wouldn't bend the rules. Of course, creators can always relaunch a project that was initially unsuccessful."

Screenshot from Alpha Colony


The game's website however, has announced that this will most likely have to wait. The developers have invested $60,000 into the project and they need to focus on projects with a more immediate financial payoff. However, the game has been in development for 14 years and so likely won't stop because of this. The website states that "I believe there is still a way to build Alpha Colony in all of it’s glory".

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