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Ketchuppp helps you hang out with your friends more

Ketchuppp is an app that alerts you when your friends are nearby, giving you the opportunity to meet for a quick catch-up.


It’s becoming more and more common to hear people talking about how our lives are centered around our smart phones, tablets and computers; how we don’t socialize for real anymore, instead deteriorating at our desks as we refresh Facebook over and over again. The makers of Ketchuppp agree and want to change that, ironically, with an app.

Ketchuppp is a proximity-based social networking app that focuses around hanging out with your friends in real life. It aims to help you meet up with your buddies when you’re close enough to each other to do so. The app is very focused; it’s not about broadcasting your location (a rather crucial security feature to some), or meeting new people with similar interests, or meeting friends of friends you talked to once or twice – it’s about meeting the people you are real, actual friends with.


Ketchuppp uses a GPS system to let you know when friends are nearby and alerts you with a ping. “The idea of Ketchuppp is to be a ‘re-active’ app. You don’t have to look for unexpected encounters yourself. Ketchuppp runs in the background and will send you a notification when a friend is nearby. This is programmed in such a way that there is very minimal battery drain. This was always one of the weak spots of these kind of applications,” say the devs.

Source TechCrunch

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