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Kensaku Konishi is new President and CEO of Canon Singapore


Canon Singapore has a new President and CEO, Kensaku Konishi, following his successful tenure as the President and CEO of Canon India.

Kensaku Konishi has worked in Canon Singapore in 2001 as managing director of Canon Marketing Singapore, in-charge of domestic marketing operations. In 2003, he was promoted to Executive Vice President when Canon Marketing Singapore and Canon Singapore Pte Ltd merged, and in 2004, he was appointed as the President and CEO of Canon Hong Kong. From 2007 to 2011, Konishi was President and CEO of Canon India, and this year, he returned to Canon Singapore as President and CEO.

"Asia is one area where we can see some substantial growth. Canon, as you may know, produce cameras, printers, photocopying machines etc. All these products are popular in advanced countries. Therefore, more than 90% of sales have increased in Asia in the past ten years. Asia Pacific sales among Canon was at 70%. But last year, that portion increased up to 20% and we are expecting more. Singapore's consolidation sales in the last couple of years, the average sales growth was around 13%, including last year's, considering there were earthquake in Japan and the flood in Thailand. And that is good number (for us). And when I talked about India, in the last five years, the average sales growth for Canon is more than 30%. Last year, we acheived 22%. Considering these, we are looking to increase more than 20% this year, as a consolidated base in Singapore-region to reach US$4 billion," Konishi said.

In 2012, he expects the south and southeast region to grow more than 20% in sales and that Canon’s growth to be driven by new business areas including professional ideo production cameras.

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