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Karbonn intros Titanium X phone with quad-core CPU and Android 4.2, mum’s the word on pricing

Always a step (or several) behind competitors Samsung and Micromax as far as smartphone sales in India are concerned, Karbonn looks to finally break the rivals’ duopoly by rolling out a new flagship device dubbed Titanium X.


Unlike handhelds such as the Titanium S9, the X has a personality of its own, not taking any design cues from Samsung and instead rocking snazzy curves and uber-slim vertical bezels. But elegance is not the only trick up Titanium X’s sleeve, with hardware, software and above all pricing destined to give Micromax a couple of headaches.

Then again, this bad boy is certainly no Samsung Galaxy S4 “killer” or anything. It’s a 5-incher, so it hits the size nail on the head, yet the display resolution is a tad disappointing, at 720p. Meanwhile, the quad-core 1.5 GHz CPU is undetailed at the moment, which opens up a sea of possibilities.

If we are to be realistic, the chances of Karbonn going with something else than a mediocre MediaTek processor are slim to none. Oh, well, at least you’ll have 13 MP/5 MP dual cameras at your disposal, which is pretty much as good as things get in the imaging department for a non-Nokia or non-Sony phone.


As for the 2,300 mAh battery, it’s certainly not record-breakingly large, however it should hold its own rather decently all things considered. The only other features revealed by Karbonn through its official website are pre-loaded Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and NFC connectivity, with RAM or on-board storage left to speculation.

Pricing is another aspect Karbonn prefers to keep under wraps for now, but if recently unveiled Micromax products are any indication, the Titanium X is to cost no more than $270 (Rs. 17,000). Maybe even as little as $220 (Rs. 14,000). What do you guys think, should Karbonn price this thing below the Canvas Magnus? Are you more interested in that or the Titanium X?

Sources: NDTV Gadgets, Karbonn

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