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Kansas man storms burning home to salvage Xbox console

We’ve heard reports of people running back into flame-engulfed homes to save precious heirlooms, or maybe a keepsake–but an Xbox? Sometimes you have to know when to let go.

Xbox One Fire

A Kansas man had a deadly wake up call when he found his home starting to erupt in fire, and he promptly fled the burning domicile in fear for his life.

But after weighing the danger that the fire presented, he risked life and limb by storming the flaming house to grab something he couldn’t leave behind: his Xbox console.

Rescue services and fire officials promptly arrived, and paramedics treated the man for smoke inhalation. Otherwise both the man–who’s name has yet to be released–and his coveted Xbox are okay.

Additionally the reports don’t mention whether this Xbox unit is of the $500 Xbox One or yesteryear Xbox 360 variety, but surely it’s price tag pales in comparison to the $80,000 worth of damage caused by the fire. The fire’s origin was electrical, and has been attributed to a faulty junction box.

Maybe, just maybe, we could understand if he had been the owner of the illustrious gold-plated Xbox One console that commanded $10,000–but of course that system was only offered in the UK.

It remains unclear if the man grabbed anything else to save from the merciless flames–and his motivations could have been caused by panic–but one has to wonder just what he has on the console’s memory (maybe it’s a heavily modded original Xbox with a huge HDD and Xbox Media Center software?)

We’re guessing to him the Xbox is something special that can’t be really be replaced–like the loss of a particular human life.

Source: ABC15Via Kotaku


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