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JVC set to launch 1080 60p hybrid camera this month


Ever wanted a camera that can shoot both high quality 1080p video at 60fps as well as being able to take 10.6-megapixel stills? Then JVC’s upcoming GC-PX1 is the camera you’ve been waiting for. The company calls it a hybrid camera and showed off a prototype back at CES 2011, although now the company has announced that it will be launching it towards the end of February in Japan.

The GC-PX1 looks like an unlikely marriage of a Sony NEX-5 and a JVC camcorder in terms of the design and if feature’s JVC’s custom Falconbird processor which enables it to shoot 1080p video at 60fps and a crazy high 36Mbps bit rate. The consumer AVCHD standard currently tops out at 1080i 60fps 24Mbps, or alternatively 50i or 24p, so we’re not quite sure what file format the GC-PX1 will record its video in.

On top of being able to shoot high quality, high bit rate video, the GC-PX1 can also shoot video at 300fps at a much lower 640×360 resolution albeit without audio, but this is still better than any competing camera on the market today. As a still camera it might not be all that impressive, but as it can shoot up to 60 frames per second for up to 144 continues images before the buffer fills up. Judging by the F2.8-4.5 lens, it should manage to do a pretty impressive job in the stills department and the zoom lens offers a 38.5 to 385mm range (35mm equivalent) which won’t be great for wide angle shots, but it’s a fairly typical range for a camcorder.

With 32GB of built in flash memory and an SDXC compatible memory card slot, we can’t see anyone running out of space, despite the high bit-rate video. Sadly there is no word on pricing as yet and we’ll have to wait until the end of the month to find out how much the GC-PX1 is going to cost, but judging by the 1,000 unit a month expected sales volume, it’ll likely be on the expensive side and we’d hazard a guess that at least initially it’ll retail for over US$1,000.

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