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JVC Everio X Hybrid Camera

JVC Everio X Hybrid Camera

JVC has announced their new 9-megapixel Everio X hybrid camera that is not only small and lightweight, but is capable of recording full HD video and high-resolution digital still images.

JVC has unveiled their latest hybrid Everio X (model: GZ-X900), a small, light, all-in-one camera that offers the powerful shooting combination of Full HD video and 9-megapixel still photos, plus creative shooting functions such as slow motion video and high speed “motor drive” still photography. The Everio X is designed for users who wants to shoot high quality pictures and videos, at the convenience of a single camera.

About the size of a chunky smart phone, Everio X is a slab-sided rectangle without the handgrip, protrusions or indentations found on most camcorders. The design allows plenty of flexibility in how the camera is held – from below, above, or whatever suits the situation and the user’s preference. There are top-mounted zoom and record buttons, and a second set next to the LCD screen for additional shooting flexibility. The camera is black with silver accents, with the right side featuring a textured carbon fiber-like finish to provide a secure grip and resist smudges.

Small enough to easily slip into a pocket or purse, Everio X weighs just 300g (including the internal battery and a memory card) and measures 66mm tall, 124mm long and just 37mm wide.

The Everio X will be available in June at USD999.95.

Highlights of the new JVC Everio X include:

– The camera is small enough to slip into a shirt pocket and at just 0.66 pounds is one of the lightest cameras that can shoot 1920 x 1080 Full HD AVCHD video;

– Shoots nine-megapixel (no interpolation) digital stills and Full HD video with 1000 TV lines of horizontal resolution – close to the theoretical maximum horizontal resolution for 1920 x 1080 high definition video for no-compromise images;

– 10x slow motion shooting plays back 2.4 seconds of recorded video over 24 seconds;

– Up to six nine-megapixel stills can be shot at 15 images per second – faster than what digital SLRs can achieve;

– Simultaneous five-megapixel digital still shooting while recording Full HD video – photos can be shot at shutter speeds as fast as 1/4000 second without interrupting video recording;

– Records video and stills to SDHC memory cards.

Source: JVC

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