The multiplayer mod for the open world action game Just Cause 2 will officially be released on Steam in mid December.


There is no doubt that Just Cause 2 was an excellent game. Exploring the troubled island of Panau with protagonist Rico Rodriguez’ grappling hook and parachute was insanely fun. However, by all rights, the game should have died a quiet death long ago, the way most action games tend to do within a year of their launch. And yet, here we are in late 2013, three and a half years on from its release, talking about Just Cause 2.

Much of the credit for that goes to the multiplayer mod for the game. Created and refined by the Just Cause Multiplayer Community over the past two years, the mod opens up the island to over 1000(!) players at the same time. Remember how much chaos and destruction one Rico Rodriguez caused in Panau? Imagine what would happen if you had over a thousand of them running around shooting up the place. And you thought 64 player matches on Battlefield 4 were epic!

[youtube id=”gYoI13P3Gfs” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Now the mod will finally be available on Steam. The developers have announced that it will officially launch on the 16th of December, two days on from the end of the beta testing period. This is great news for Just Cause 2 fans. It seems like the tiny island of Panau is about to see a lot more action as more people get a chance to try the mod for themselves through Steam.

Source: Eurogamer

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