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JPR: Graphics shipments up, NVIDIA market share down in Q1 ’11

Despite a 5% decline in overall PC shipments in Q1 2011, the GPU industry saw a healthy 10.3% boost in Q1 2011. Intel gained more ground, aided by Sandy Bridge, with a market share of 54.4%. AMD came in second at 24.8% while NVIDIA saw a sharp drop in market share to 20.0%. In addition, while AMD and Intel posted 14.2% and 13.3% growth over Q4 2010, NVIDIA saw a decline of 1.7%. Of course, AMD and Intel have started shipping Fusion / EPG products with integrated graphics while NVIDIA's main stronghold is still discrete graphics. 

In terms of year-to-year, NVIDIA has experienced negative growth of 28.4%, while AMD has sharply gained 15.4%. This results in a market share drop of 28% to 20% since Q1 2010 while a gain of 21.5% to 24.8% for AMD, overtaking NVIDIA during 2010. Intel has experienced a steady 9.7% growth as well, once again at the expense of NVIDIA. 

Interestingly, the average of GPUs per PC has grown from 115% in 2001 to 145% today – and many computers have two GPUs today, an integrated and a discrete. 

The GPU industry's results have been surprisingly positive, given the doom-and-gloom surrounding overall PC shipments. With Q2 and Q3 finally bringing mainstream Fusion APUs, AMD is likely to see further growth, building upon their impressive results in the last one year. 

Source: Jon Peddie Research

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