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John McAfee In Hiding From Belize Police

Millionaire software developer John McAfee is currently in hiding from the police in the country of Belize. He is wanted in questioning concerning the shooting and murder of a fifty-two year old man by the name Gregory Viant Faull.

Faull was a neighbor of McAfee whose body was found on Sunday, November 11th lying dead in his home with a bullet wound to the head.   McAfee is currently not considered a suspect in the murder of Faull but he is being called a ‘person of interest’ according to numerous on-line reports.

If the name John McAfee seems familiar, you may not have to look any further than the computer you are reading this story from.  McAfee was a pioneer in developing software to combat virus attacks with his company aptly named, McAfee.   The 67-year-old McAfee is currently in Belize and has been considered to be in hiding from law enforcement there.  A Wired magazine report stated that McAfee had nothing to do with the murder of Faull and was worried that the police may kill him if he is found.   Numerous on-line reports have also stated that the Belize police are asking that he come in and just talk without any fear of harm.

The 67-year-old Faull is being reported as a retired construction magnate from the U.S. state of Florida.  His housekeeper found him inside his Belize Island home and purported to be lying on the floor face up in a large pool of blood.  He had a single bullet wound to the head.  McAfee told Wired magazine that he felt maybe the shooter mistook the home to be his and possibly killed the wrong man. 

John McAfee is a U.K born, naturalized U.S. citizen.  He made his fortune by starting up a software company in the 1980s that became the leader in anti-virus for personal computers. In 2008 McAfee moved to Belize to invest in a new company that makes pharmaceuticals.  His net worth was once over 100 million dollars but it has been rumored that he lost a considerable amount of his fortune when the world economy collapsed.  

McAfee has been accused by the Belize government of starting up some sort of quasi-military force by surrounding himself with armed bodyguards, and he has accused the Belize government of killing his pets and stealing his passport and other personal items.




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