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Popular audio brands JBL, Harman/Kardon to live on under Samsung.


It was widely reported that Samsung had purchased Harman International for US$8bn (S$11.41bn). The goal is to get a head start in the smart-automotive industry – at the expense of other companies. But in the bandwagon came popular audio brands like JBL, Harman/Kardon and AKG (known for their headphones). The audio industry went bananas of course! What will happen happen to these beloved brands?

It appears that they have nothing to fear, really.

Cnet reports that Samsung intends to retain all these brands, their factories and staff. Smart move, since Samsung’s brand had suffered several hits recently. This will reportedly propel Samsung ahead as a key leader in the audio industry.


This works out so beautifully for Samsung since no one really buys Samsung speakers, unless it comes packaged with their TVs! And even so, customers often try to look for something better after that. Samsung TVs powered by JBL speakers, anyone?

What’s even more interesting is that LG’s best TV, the LG Signature G6, comes already built in with a Harman/Kardon soundbar! It remains to be seen what the implications are, but in the near future at least, the LG Signature G6 will not be the only TV that sounds as great as it looks.

Further developments will be posted here as soon as they unfold.

Via: Cnet

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