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JBL Clip 2 Review: For the Rugged Explorer

Taken by Zayne Seah
Taken by Zayne Seah

If you’re an audiophile looking for a portable speaker, then you would have definitely heard of JBL. The impressive lineup of speakers by this renowned audio company has made a name for itself over the years, and the Clip 2, only serves to enhance JBL’s reputation. This S$99 mini-speaker is without a doubt, an item that audiophiles concerned with maximum portability should consider.


The Clip 2 showcases a circular body that comes in black, blue, gray, red, or teal colour options. The top of the speaker sports a cotton grille and the rubber body has a 3.5mm auxiliary jack that comes built into the speaker for a wired listening experience.

Taken by Zayne Seah

The carabiner-like clip on the top of the speaker gives the JBL Clip 2′ it’s signature look. The triangle hook allows you to carry it with easy anywhere you go, hooking it onto backpack straps and just blasting out some chill beats as you backpack along sandy beaches and nature trails.

Taken by Zayne Seah
Taken by Zayne Seah

A mini-speaker, the JBL Clip 2 is 14cm x 9.4cm x 4.2cm ((L x W x H) in dimension and weighs 180g, which makes it a featherweight fighter and carrying it around on your outdoor adventures should be a breeze.

Going kayaking? The JBL Clip 2 might be just what you need for a chill row. The waterproof speaker has an IPX7 waterproof rating so submerging it in water won’t damage it, which is something outdoor adventurers will be able to appreciate.

Audio Quality

Taken by Zayne Seah

Good, but not great. Essentially, the JBL Clip 2 is a speaker you would want to bring around on your adventures, not use when you are in a quiet studio-like environment since there are much better options for that.

Taken by Zayne Seah

To start things off, the maximum volume of the JBL Clip 2 is fairly loud, which makes it good for outdoor use. Being a speaker designed for use in an open surrounding, the JBL Clip 2 has a stronger emphasis on the highs and the mids that travel further. So chill atmospheric beats and acoustic music with guitars or piano accompaniments do well on the Clip 2. These instruments come off clear and crisp, even at higher volumes. Firestone by Kygo and other similar relaxing beats sounded great, but heavy EDM like Hardwell’s Run Wild or All We Know by the Chainsmokers didn’t fare as well since the bass of the JBL Clip 2 didn’t quite have the thumping effect we wanted to rock out heads to.

Connectivity and Battery Life

Taken by Zayne Seah

Connections can be established quickly once the JBL Clip 2 has been paired with your smartphone, and up to 2 JBL Clip 2s can be played together at the same time for a louder volume.

Battery life is pretty decent at around 8 hours, slightly above the average of 5-6 hours. This should be sufficient for your hikes and outdoor parties for sure.


Taken by Zayne Seah

The JBL Clip 2 shines in the aesthetic department, with a unique clip design and waterproof features. It’s light weight and portability is quintessential for the outdoor traveller. Its audio quality is average, with better highs but a sub-par bass which is understandable given its size, but it’s a compromise we are willing to accept. The S$99 price tag is also fairly decent and it isn’t over nor underpriced.

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