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Japan’s maglev train shatters previous world speed record


Central Japan Railway’s maglev train has set another world record, beating its previous speed of 361 MPH from 2003.

The record-breaking feat doesn’t end there for CJR, as it’s aiming to shatter the latest record by propelling the futuristic train past 372 MPH next Tuesday. When the train does begin ferrying passengers in 2027, however, CJR is capping the max speed to just 313 MPH.

The company intends to connect Tokyo to Nagoya with this train and cutting travel time down to just 40 minutes, which normally is 2-3X longer by today’s bullet trains.

In his visit to the US later this month, Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s agenda will likely include talks about his country’s impressive train development program.  CJR indicated in the past that it does want to export its maglev train to densely population regions to connect cities such as New York and Washington D.C.

Source: wsj

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