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Japanese inventor develops a Google Glass competitor

Inventors and innovators out of Japan can often times amaze, as well as perplex, the rest of the world with their gadgets, but this invention by Takahito Iguchi is a bit more mainstream.  Iguchi and his team have developed the Telepathy One, a headset that is similar to Google’s Glass in functionality, but will cost quite a bit less.

Iguchi’s take on augmented reality using the Telepathy One is much more focused than Google’s Glass.  The maker of the device says that it is meant for media consumption—mainly, the sharing of images and videos.  According to Iguchi, the device will help people connect and stay within reach of each other even with distance.

“You feel the love when your loved one is standing beside you,” he said.

The Telepathy One projects a small screen in front of the user’s right eye, and media content are transmitted via a smartphone app and Bluetooth.  Think of Telepathy One as Skype, but except the media is streamed directly into your eyeball.  Unlike Google Glass’ next-gen bone conduction sound application, the Telepathy one will utilize traditional ear buds that are integrated into the wraparound headset. 

To demonstrate the use of the Telepathy One, Iguchi used a popular manga app to transmit the comic strips directly into a user’s eye.  People who demoed the Telepathy one reported that the headset needs to be refined as the projection and user’s eye don’t line up correctly, therefore, making the experience awkward and unnatural. 

Iguchi says that the Telepathy One is still in its “baby stages”, but is hoping that he and his team will be able to produce a consumer-ready product by the end of 2013.  As for the price point, Iguchi claims that the Telepathy One will cost less than Google’s Glass.


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