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Japanese food tray? Nope, just a smartphone stand

It looks like a nice tray of well served Japanese food, until you quickly notice the smartphone that should not actually be there.


The food theme trend in smartphone accessories in Japan never ends. So what’s new this time? Well, instead of focusing on smartphone cases, they are now showing us food tray stands! Yes, this is the same realistic Japanese food replica theme as before, only this time it’s slightly different, and perhaps a tiny bit weirder.



Be forewarned! Looking at your smartphone stand before lunch can cause concentration loss! It really makes you wonder if this is still actually made to be a smartphone accessory. Even if it is well advertised as one, you can’t help but see it as having an entirely different use.


Also, you might notice that the skewers tray looks too big for the smartphone. It’s actually designed to be able to support tablets as well. That’s not the case for the tako-senbei version though.


These mobile device stands are currently available in Japan at around $48.00.

Source: IT Media (JP)

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