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Japanese fish rides tsunami to America

A small asian fish has managed to swim across the pacific ocean in a baitbox. The fish drifted by boat across the ocean after the 2011 tsunami

A small Japanese fish is attracting the eyes of a lot of curious visitors to the Seaside Aquarium in Oregon. The fish, a striped beakfish, is probably the greatest explorer of its species, because it was recently found alive off the coast of America, on the other side of the Pacific Ocean from where it’s supposed to be.

The fish was discovered in a baitbox onboard a Japanese boat which had drifted to the US West coast. It is believed that the small boat was carried away from Japan by the Tsunami of March 2011, and has since been drifting across the world’s largest ocean.



When the boat was discovered off the coast of Washington, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife boarded the vessel to examine the marine organisms left on it. They found the beakfish alive in a bait box where it is believed to have survived by dining on other organisms. Perhaps more amazing than the survival of the fish was that the baitbox had, most likely through pure coincidence, the exact ratio of different life forms needed to sustain a micro-eco system for over a year.

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