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Japan to transmit 4K super HD TV in 2014; 8K in 2016

Japan recently announced they were two years ahead of schedule for their first 4K broadcast.  4K TV broadcast is said to have four times the resolution of any current HD TV.

Japan just announced that in July 2014 they would begin transmission of their first ever 4K broadcast.  The 4K services will be transmitted directly from Japanese satellites, then onto the broadcasters on the ground.   The Japanese government is hoping the announcement will spur sales of super HD television sets, which will in turn boost sales of Japanese electronics makers.

Super HD 4K televisions have approximately four times the regular resolution of the currently sold HD TVs.  Many South Korean electronic producers have begun sales on their 4K TVs along with some of Japan’s big brands such as Panasonic, Sharp and Sony. 

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications previously announced that the TV service would start sometime in 2016.

The Associated Press recently reported that Japan would be the first in the world to have 4K transmission, but this is not factual.  Europe made a similar announcement at the CES 2013 but their transmission is currently live, thanks in part to Eutelsat.  A press release dated January 7, 2013 reads:

As the television and cinema industries accelerate their progression towards Ultra HD (4K), Eutelsat Communications (Euronext Paris: ETL) today announced it is launching a dedicated demonstration Ultra HD channel for Europe on the EUTELSAT 10A satellite. The first transmissions of content filmed in 4K will start on January 8. Delivering a resolution of eight million pixels, four times the resolution of HDTV, Ultra HD (4K) is poised to mark the next big leap forward in the immersive viewing experience.

While we gawk at 4K TVs having jaw-dropping resolution, don’t expect that to be king for long. Japan has already announced that 8K TV transmissions are in the works and to be expecting that sometime in 2016.

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