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Japan now welcomes tourists with free Wi-Fi

Tourists visiting the Land of the Rising Sun will now have even better internet access within the country with this newly free Wi-Fi system.


Japan Airlines (JAL), with cooperation from the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corporation (NTT East), is planning to make the web even more accessible to coming visitors in Japan, with the implementation of a special free Wi-Fi internet system for tourists. With a simple online registration at the JAL overseas website, all “Hikari Station” hotspots throughout the country can now become tourist internet access points.

Access to free Wi-Fi internet in Japan is of course not a new thing. In fact, it’s barely even an issue in the country. For starters, there’s already free Wi-Fi in almost every major avenue of transport within the country, and that doesn’t even count standard free Wi-Fi hotspots such as restaurants, parks, and convenience stores.

But being a tourist in Japan though is another thing. The introduction of this new free internet system allows for better accessibility to visitors, who might not be instantly familiar with the place, and who might not know Japanese well enough to personally register a free Wi-Fi access account upfront at a standard Wi-Fi hotspot.

Tourists who wish to avail the free internet service need only to register online to obtain a free ID and password. There are almost 50,000 different shops and facilities all around Japan that are registered as Hikari Station hotspots, and that should already be pretty plenty for any visiting tourist to stop by and use JAL and NTT East’s free internet service.

Source: My Navi (JP)

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