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Japan engineers robo-bear to replace human caregivers


A human face on a robot is often intimidating, and Japanese engineers are thinking that we should use something that offers a bit more warmth. What’s more welcoming and cuddlier than a teddy bear?

Dubbed the ROBEAR, the Japanese engineered caregiving bot is capable of lifting patient from bed to wheelchair or assisting people while they’re standing up.


“The polar cub-like look is aimed at radiating an atmosphere of strength, geniality and cleanliness at the same time,” according to the project’s lead, Toshiharu Mukai.

Japan’s population boasts one of the world’s best life expectancy, but also a low birthrate. This means big business for the health care industry as the country is seeing a sharp increase for personal caregiving.


“As Japan is ageing with few children, the problem of a shortage in caregivers for the elderly is getting serious,” according to Japan’s Riken Institute.

via phys/acenews

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