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Japan approves external robot suit for worldwide distribution

Japan just approved an external robotic suit that people can use to assist them in everyday life.  This new suit would be very beneficial for the disabled, elderly with helping them get around safely.

Cyberdyne Incorporated of Tuskuba, Japan calls it the “Hybrid Assistive Limb” or simply HAL for short. This new power-assisted robotic suit aids the user in getting around and unlike our muscles it will never get tired.

The most intriguing part about HAL is that it is controlled by the human mind, or rather, brainwaves to be precise.  A whole series of sensors on the suit continually monitor the minute electrical signals our nerves and muscles give off when we go to move or even think of moving a region of our body.  These minute signals then tell the suit’s robotic limbs which way you want to move.

Cyberdyne says that those wearing the exo-robotic suit will not even notice its 130lb weight it has since it does all the lifting for you.

Invented by Eiji Koyanagi for Cyberdyne, HAL is a magnificent step forward with offering better mobility for the elderly or disabled, and it offers them new chance on life in general by allowing them getting around with independence and with safety.  The new device would be the first nursing-care robot certified under Japan’s economy, trade and industry draft standard.

Cyberdyne says they have leased about 330 of the units to 150 hospitals in and around Tokyo, Japan since 2010.  The suits cost approximately $1950.00 (U.S.) per year to lease. 

While robotic suits are a new concept on the market, the general theory or idea of having them has been around for decades.  Anyone familiar with the Marvel Comic superhero Ironman would certainly know this.  Also, if you are familiar with the Alien movie franchise, you might recall how the heroine Ripley used a robotic suit to fight one of the Aliens. 

Let’s just hope this company’s future doesn’t end up like the fictitious Cyberdyne from the Terminator franchise of Hollywood films.



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