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Jabra EXTREME2 Review: Lightweight Bluetooth headset that is extremely easy to use


Bluetooth headset provides users with hands-free communication while on the move, though when it first came to market, it looked dull, menacing and difficult to use. Well, from the company who has a long history in manufacturing this mobile accessory, Jabra has recently launched the EXTREME2 Bluetooth headset, the successor to the EXTREME, which claims to provide clear conversations with noise cancellation technology.

Most people may not have heard of GN Store Nord, but it is a company that first began as Great Northen Telegraph Company in Denmark in June 1869. But you may have heard of the brand Jabra, which is brought by the GN Netcom division, under the GN Store Nord. In 2010, Jabra launched the EXTREME with noise cancelling technologies using dual microphones and automatic volume control that can reduce background noise and enhance call quality, and it was met with good overall reviews. And with the success of the EXTREME, it is no wonder that the company has decided to come up with its successor, the Jabra EXTREME2 with improved features and performance.

Here's a summary on its features and specifications:-

– Noise Blackout 3.0 dual microphone technology  
– High Definition (HD) Voice technology
– Voice Guidance with useful voice alerts
– MultiUse Technology
– A2DP Technology for streaming music
– Ultimate Comfort Eargels for an all-day perfect fit
– Up to 5.5 hours of talk time; 10.5 days of standby time
– Weighs 10.4 grams;
– Dimensions – L47mm x W18.5mm x H27.5mm
– Car charger; USB connector

The Jabra EXTREME2 comes in a standard transparent package with the Bluetooth headset prominently in the middle. Below it is the accessories box which contains the quick start manual, power adapter, USB-to-microUSB adapter, ear hook and different sized eargels to suit your ears. Unlike some Bluetooth headset maker that offers the car adapter as a separate accessory, Jabra has included it with the headset, making it convenient for drivers to charge their headset whenever they need. Note that you will need to connect it with the USB-to-microUSB adapter (shown above) or an optional USB cable. We noticed that with the adapter, there is a slight protrusion that could pose as a safety hazard. But thankfully, you can bend the adapter close to 90-degree to avoid any cause of injury.

At the back of the accessory box is a "Getting Started" diagram with a three-step figure that shows how a user can set up the Jabra EXTREME2 headset for use – slide the power switch to green, turn on your smartphone's Bluetooth connectivity, and wear the headset. One thing that wasn't mentioned is that you would need to charge the headset for at least few hours before using.

To find out how much is the headset's battery level, simply tap on one of the volume buttons and check the LED – one red flash means a battery level between zero to 30 minutes; a yellow flash represents a battery life between 30 minutes to two hours; while a green flash means a battery life of two hours to 5.5 hours. During charging, the LED light is solid green for 60 seconds, then off, when it is fully charged. It will glow a solid yellow between 50% – 100%, and solid red when it is below 50% charged.

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