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Jabra announces availability of new STREET2 Bluetooth device in Singapore

If you are a heavy media consumer who have on many occasions wished for a device that not only allows you to operate your mobile phone via Bluetooth and still listen to music while you are at it? If so, Jabra's new device may be of interest to you, and it comes in the form of its new STREET2, which is designed to do exactly just that. Oh, and it reportedly boasts technology that is capable of enhancing your audio tracks at the same time, too.

Jabra has announced the availability of its new Jabra STREET2, a Bluetooth device which is capable of connecting to a mobile device such as a smartphone via Bluetooth, and can be used to both listen to music wirelessly, as well as serve as a means of remotely controlling the aforementioned mobile device. According to Jabra, the STREET2 is designed to help users ensure that they can enjoy their favourite audio tracks wirelessly, without having to worry about missing a single voice call.

In addition, Jabra has also claimed that the STREET2 will feature AM3D Power Bass & Virtual Surround technology which is reportedly capable of enhancing audio output by delivering “a clear and deep bass sound”, while a high-performance set of earphones complete with noise-blocking ear-buds will also be bundled into the package to help users get the most out of the STREET2. Last but definitely not least, Jabra has also confirmed that the STREET2 will feature multi-use capability, where the device can be used to provide “two hands-free connections simultaneously” with different devices, and that it will feature a built-in battery that is capable of delivering up to eight hours of talk time or audio playback, and up to 9.5 days of uptime when left in Standby mode.

The Jabra STREET2 will be released for sale in Singapore at Comex 2011, which will take place at the Suntec Convention Centre from 1-4 September this year. It can also be purchased from Challenger, EpiCentre, Nubox, Digi Lifestyle, Apple Shops at Best Denki, and other authorised Jabra retailers at the recommended retail price of S$108. And yes, there is a white version of the STREET2 up for sale as well.

Full specifications of the Jabra STREET2 Bluetooth device are as follow:

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