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iWatch mass production has reportedly started

Rumor has it that Apple’s much awaited wearable device has now entered mass production.


There have already been a lot of rumors about the component suppliers for Apple’s first wearable device. All rumors had carried indications about impending mass production. If the iWatch enters into that stage now Apple may have enough supply ready by the time it is supposed to release the smartwatch.

As far as the rumor mill is concerned Apple is going to launch the iWatch at Worldwide Developers Conference 2014. Bear in mind though that Apple hasn’t used this event for a major hardware announcement in years, regardless of the fact that WWDC has served as the launch destination for many iPhones in the past. Even if these rumors are correct Apple won’t actually release the iWatch that same day, week or month. It is actually expected to start shipping units by fall 2014, around the time its new iPhones are expected.

The company rarely takes so much time between the announcement and release of a new device, let alone a potentially game changing one. Since it would mark Apple’s foray into the wearable device market the company would want the launch to go off without any problems. Judging its past history it doesn’t seem possible that customers would be made to wait from June till October at the very least for the smartwatch.

The report claims, citing supply chain sources based in China, that instead of using Printed Circuit Boards or PCBs for the iWatch Apple is instead relying upon System-in-Package or SiP modules. SiP modules have integrated circuits which are all wrapped in one single package. While this takes up less space inside the device it does have a major disadvantage. If one part of the module goes bad the entire module has to be replaced. This could potentially keep production yields lower and thus create problems for the manufacturer.

Despite all of these rumors Apple still hasn’t confirmed if its building a smartwatch. We can’t expect any hints from the company until its ready to announce something, so lets keep our fingers crossed for WWDC 2014.

Source: China Times

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