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iWatch launch expected in 2014 as LG reportedly close to a OLED display deal with Apple

Rumors about the iWatch have started to circulate once again, the latest being that the smartwatch might be launched next year as LG is apparently close to clinching an OLED display deal with Apple.


Apple has long been rumored to be working on a smartwatch of its own. Samsung has already beaten it to the market with the Galaxy Gear, which was announced back in September. Apple hasn’t confirmed if it has any plans of making a smartwatch, but it has consistently been rumored to have it under the wraps. The company’s smartwatch is believed to be fitness focused with home automation features.

These rumors have been augmented by a statement Apple CEO Tim Cook made yesterday during the company’s earnings call, that Apple will now be competing in new product categories. This could mean a number of things, the company could be looking to make that much rumored full-fledged HDTV set or a smartwatch as a companion for its mobile devices.  A new report coming out of Korea suggests that LG is going to be a second provider of flexible OLED displays for the iWatch, and that its close to finalizing the deal. Previous rumors suggest that Taiwan’s RiTDisplay has also been tapped for displays and that its going to be the primary source.

There have also been rumors of Apple pondering over sourcing iWatch displays from Samsung, but talks between both companies have reportedly ended without deal being made. It is said that iWatch prototypes with 1.4″, 1.5″, and 1.6″ displays are being tested, and that the smartwatch is on track for a 2014 launch.

Source: Korea Herald

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