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iWatch App Store rumored

Apple’s highly anticipated smartwatch rumored to have an App Store all for itself.

Apple iWatch concept

There is no doubt in the fact that many Apple fans are anxiously waiting to see what the company announces at its event tomorrow. A well known analyst predicted earlier this week that the iWatch will also be shown off at the event even though its meant to hit the market sometime next year. There have been countless rumors about Apple’s smartwatch to date and as per the recent chatter, it looks like an iWatch App Store will be present on the wearable device.

What this means is that the iWatch is going to have the ability to run apps developed by third parties. Developers will be able to list these apps on a storefront, like they do for other iOS devices. We don’t know for sure if the iWatch App Store is going to be a standalone solution in itself or if the smartwatch will simply get a section of its own in the existing iTunes App Store.

It is reported that initially only a few high profile social networks have released the pre-release version of the SDK for Apple’s smartwatch so that they can get their apps ready in time for the event. Facebook is named as one of those social networks, why wouldn’t it be, its the most popular social network on the planet. Presumably it will be showing off its iWatch app at the event tomorrow.

Allowing third party apps on the smartwatch would significantly increase its functionality, though it remains to be seen just how much access developers are awarded to the plethora of sensors and equipment that makes up the iWatch.

Source: 9to5mac

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