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Ivy Bridge should work in H67 and P67 motherboards

Intel isn’t having the best of times right now, but in the midst of what is a serious mess for the company, there are still some rays of good news even though it comes in the form of a leak. Ivy Bridge which we already know uses the LGA-1155 socket. Reports are now starting to come in that the Ivy Bridge CPUs will indeed be compatible with the H67 and P67 chipsets, something which should make a lot of people happy.

Fudzilla is reporting that with the help of a BIOS upgrade Ivy Bridge should work just fine in H67 and P67 chipset based motherboards. However, this won’t work for the business oriented Q67, Q65 and B65 chipset and the upcoming H61 and Z67 chipsets are as yet an unknown factor, but we’d expect the Z67 chipset to offer the same upgrade options as the H67 and P67 chipsets.

This should make upgrading a Sandy Bridge system to Ivy Bridge a breeze sometime in early 2012, although that said, the Panther Point chipset should offer some additional features that the current crop of chipsets lacks. The main selling point that Panther Point has over the current Cougar Point is native USB 3.0 support, although we might also see support for additional native SATA 6Gbps ports. Otherwise details are fairly slim as to what benefits Panther Point will bring with it that sets it apart from Cougar Point.

Source: Fudzilla

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