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iTwin Review: Because Data Is Best Accesed In Pairs

For a typical end-user, the value of one’s data is mainly determined by two factors: the content that resides within it, and the ease of access to said content. And with the mass adoption of devices which allow for on-the-go Internet connectivity, ease of access to content is rapidly gaining greater importance than before. Will the iTwin be able to deliver on its promise of wireless file access to one’s home PC, regardless of the user’s location? VR-Zone puts it to the test.

Picture this scenario: you are currently making use of free Wi-Fi access in the library or at a fast food restaurant, and you need to finish writing an mail and emailing a certain file before a specific deadline, only to realize that the all-important file has been left behind on the desktop PC at home. As a result, the deadline is missed due to the time wasted to rush back home to retrieve the file.

Sounds familiar? If so, you would have probably wished that there exists a user-friendly solution for a user to easily pull files out from another PC at the click of a mouse button, regardless of one’s location. And while a solution to do so had already existed for some time, it usually involved fiddling with network settings and setting up a remote file access service between both local and remote PCs; things which are typically way out of the average user’s computing capability.

Needless to say, the introduction of an idiot-proof solution that can perform the same service without the need to jump through the hoops of technical mumbo-jumbo is definitely something worth looking forward to. And that is what iTwin claims to be able to do with its iTwin remote file access dongle, where sharing files across remote PCs is as simple as connecting the dongle to the local PC, installing a certain application and clicking on Windows Explorer. From the looks of it, it sounds simple enough for even the most PC-inept user to handle.

But will it really be that simple to use in practice? That is the question, and we at VR-Zone will attempt to answer it by putting the iTwin to the test.

First up, a brief list of the device’s specifications:

 iTwin hardware specifications
 Dimensions (l x d x h)  9 x 2.1 x 0.8cm  
 Weight  50g
 Storage Capacity  Unlimited (dependent on local and remote PC hard disk capacity)
 Minimum system requirements  Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit compatible), fast broadband connection, 1 x USB port, 5MB of HDD space for software installation

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