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iTunes Radio expansion to non-U.S. English speaking countries slated for early 2014

The iTunes Radio music streaming service remains exclusive to U.S. subscribers as of now, though according to a new report, it might be expanded to non-U.S. English speaking countries early next year.

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Recently it was rumored that Apple is hiring an iTunes Radio programmer in Canada who will be tasked with running the music streaming service’s operations across the border from the U.S. As of now, Apple hasn’t provided a time frame in which it will expand its newest service. Obviously it doesn’t plan on limiting it just to the U.S.

The new report comes from Bloomberg, which claims that Apple is looking to expand iTunes Radio to non-U.S. English speaking customers by early 2014. These countries include Canada, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand. There are all of the countries in which Pandora already operates. Apple’s iTunes Radio service is seen as a major rival for Pandora, and there’s no hiding the fact that Apple’s service is progressing at a rapid pace. The company has signed¬†agreements for international rights with Vivendi SA’s Universal Music Group as well as other record companies, which removes most of the legal hurdles out of the way. Pandora doesn’t enjoy such deals, so it has to rely on government granted rights, which end up limiting the service in certain markets.

Apple senior vice president Eddy Cue said last week that the company has plans to roll out iTunes Radio in over 100 countries, though he didn’t say exact when all of this countries will be covered under the iTunes Radio umbrella.

Source: Bloomberg

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