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It’s the tech world’s Crunchies Award time

It's that time of the year again folks when the tech world gets together to pat each other on the back and hand out awards for the supposed best of tech for the past year. This year’s list of nominees has been announced, and while we can be pretty sure who the winners will, in the nature of good fun here's the list with who we think the winners should be.

There are some in the tech blogosphere who think that the Crunchies Awards are nothing more than the favorite picks from Techcrunch (since that is where the awards originated), with the winners pretty well predetermined. Of course there is plenty of denials going around about this type of rumor mongering, but with this year's awards being run by both Techcrunch and VentureBeat we may see some real surprise winners.

The complete list of nominees has been released and the winners will be announced on Thursday, January 31, 2013 at the Louis M. Davies Symphony Hall, but in the mean time I thought it might be fun to pick our own winners and see how close we come to the actual winners; which you can still vote for here.

So without any further delay here's the nominees and our picks for the winners:

Best Technology Achievement

Felix Baungartner Jump From Space

Google Glass – it goes without saying that this will probably be the judges pick for this category

Mars Curiousity …. This was the collective pick of the VR-Zone writers as the winner

SpaceX docks with International Space Station

Telsa Supercharger Network

Best Collaborative Consumption Service


Get It Now / Postmates



Uber … Our pick for winning this category

Best E-Commerce Application


Hotel Tonight

Karma / Facebook Gifts – this will probably be the judge's pick 

Warby Parker


We can't honesty think of one to pick here

Best Mobile Application

Evernote …. this would be my pick for winner

Google Maps



Square – this will probably be the judge's pick mainly because of its pedigree

Fastest Rising Startup



Pinterest – this goes without saying that it will be the winner because everyone thinks that Pinterest is the hottest thing going on in social media these days



Best Content Discovery Application

Flipboard … given the tech blogosphere's infatuation with apps that are meant for iOS this will probably be the pick



Prismatic .. late arrival for 2012, this is getting a lot of buzz so I think it has a shot at winning this category


Best Design

Facebook Timeline … seriously, what the hell is this doing in the Best Design category


Paper by FiftyThree

Square – good chance to pick up the winning Crunchie for this category

Best Bootstrapped Startup




Techmeme .. how does a site started in 2005 even belong in any of these categories, but that said, chances are it'll win due to association and how it likes to blacklist people and sites


... can't really pick one we think could be a winner *YAWN*

Sexiest Enterprise Startup


Box – this will probably be the big favorite and one that we would pick as well




Best International Startup



Soundcloud .. I'd like to see this one make it to the winner's circle

Spotify … bets are that this will be the judges favorite 


Best Education Startup


Coursera – this is the newest and hottest favorite for the tech pundits and judges and will probably win


Khan Academy – Should be the winner


Best Hardware Startup

Lit Motors


Makerbot – because of the massive shift that 3D printing means for society, this startup should win

Nest – because of it's founder heritage, this will probably win

Raspberry Pi – this would be my second pick for a spot in the winner circle

Best Time Sink

Angry Birds Star Wars



Pinterest – clear winner regardless of who is doing the picking and voting


Biggest Social Impact

Donors Choose



Kiva – as a Kiva member I am bias, but I think Kiva should be the winner in this category

Reddit – this will probably be the winner just because it's reddit

Angel of the Year

Michael Arrington – seriously??? you've got to be kidding

Chris Dixon

Paul Graham

David Lee

Chris Sacca – if honesty counted for anything, Chris should win

VC of the Year

Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz – chances are it will be these two that are crowned as winners

Matt Cohler

Jim Goetz

Michael Moritz

Founder of the Year

Nathan Blecharczyk, Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia (from Airbnb)

Kevin and Julia Hartz (Eventbrite)

Elon Musk (SpaceX, Tesla)

Kevin Systrom (Instagram)

Nir Zuk (Palo Alto Networks)

too open to be able to pick a winner

CEO of the Year

Dick Costolo – Twitter

Phil Libin – Evernote

Marissa Mayer – Yahoo! – even though she's still new to the position, I think she should have a shot at winning

Larry Page – Google

Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook – will probably end up winning <gag>

Best New Startup of 2012

Coursera – because of its potential to disrupt the educational (broken) system





Best Overall Startup of 2012






…. the winner will be either Instagram or Square, but neither are really even a startup anymore so it's a bit of a joke

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