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It’s the end of the software road for HTC’s One M7, and Android 5.1 is off limits

Only the Google Play Edition will get to have a taste of the newest Lollipop flavor before slipping into the abyss.

Android 5.1

Veteran HTC fans probably remember the huge controversy surrounding the device manufacturer’s mind-boggling decision of halting software support for the One X and X+ before the two got even a single major update.

That pissed everybody off not only because the pair’s specifications warranted a swift move from Jelly Bean to KitKat. Also, the One X+ barely turned a year old when Android 4.4 code was freely disseminated.

To atone for the colossal gaffe, HTC guaranteed a solid two-year upgrade cycle for 2013 and beyond flagships. And starting with Lollipop, the company’s engineers and devs greatly improved their work rate as well.

Case in point, the One M7 and M8 may have not scored 5.0 packages the very first in the world, but they did so almost simultaneously. Plus, they rapidly spread the love across the globe, including stateside.

HTC One M7 Lollipop

Unfortunately, with the M7 effectively discontinued and essentially obsolete, the time has come for some delicate decisions. Is the two-year-old worthy of Android 5.1 gifts? Not according to HTC VP of Product Management Mo Versi.

The outspoken exec has once again taken to Twitter with little reserve, this time to drop bad news. Namely, as HTC has “updated the M7 for up to 2 years from an OS standpoint” already, “only the GPe version” is still due for what we presume will be a final promotion. The “target is early April”, so a mere month after Google rolled out 5.1 source code.

You have to admit this all makes sense from an objective perspective, but our guts tell us HTC could have bent company policy given 5.1 is largely a bug-quashing, system stability-improving firmware. Decrepit or not, it’s totally uncool to leave the once mighty One M7 stuck on a glitchy OS.

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