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It’s Official: Unlocked HP Palm Pre 2 Is Now Available For Sale And Shipping (In The US)

Well, we apologize if the first few words of our headline got you all excited for a brand new Palm Pre 2 before you could finish reading the rest of it. But even then, think of it as a harbinger of good things to come. Now that the smartphone is available for sale in the US, it is only a matter of time before it eventually makes its way to other parts of the world. And while the world awaits a global launch of the Palm Pre 2, now would be a good time to start preparing those SIM cards.

Well, that did not take long, didn’t it? Considering that we had already posted news about an impending Palm Pre 2 arrival barely a month ago, it should probably come as no surprise that HP would opt to jump the gun and cut the carriers out of the loop with an unannounced sale of unlocked Palm Pre 2s on its online store.

And from the looks of it, the Palm Pre 2 appears to be a rather decent offering. Even if you discount the fact that it looks rather similar to the other Palm smartphones before it, the Palm Pre 2 boasts some serious hardware improvements over its predecessors. According to HP, the Pre 2 is loaded with a 1GHz processor which it claims is twice as fast as that found in the Palm Pre Plus (whose processor was clocked at a measly 500MHz). 

And to top it off, the Pre 2 is loaded with 16GB of internal storage, which is plenty for a smartphone designed for use in a business environment. To put things in perspective, you are unlikely to run out of space anytime soon, even if your ‘business environment’ requires the chucking of angry birds at pigs or slicing up some fruits, ninja-style (which, to our knowledge, currently are not available on webOS).

Of course, it also goes without saying that the Palm Pre 2 is the only smartphone in the market that is loaded with the webOS 2.0 smartphone operating system. Sure, it is nowhere near as popular as Android, iOS or even Windows Phone 7, but for longtime users of webOS who have grown to love and appreciate what the operating system has to offer, getting the Palm Pre 2 is essentially a no-brainer.

If all of that information above has got you raring for one, do take note that the Palm Pre 2 will set you back by a cool US$449.99, or approximately S$583. And as much as we hate to be wet blankets, we have to remind you that the unlocked Palm Pre 2 is currently available only on HP’s US online store. 

But if you are willing to spend additional money on shipping charges while dealing with the risk of overseas shopping, there are various e-concierge services out there which will be happy to assist you in doing so.

Reference: HP Online Store

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