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It’s more and more likely you’ll soon be able to pair Android watches with iPhones

Cross-platform support would certainly help Google’s struggling Android Wear OS, but would it also benefit Apple?


No matter how hard the Apple Watch might bomb due to supply limitations, gross overpricing, inadequate battery life, meager standalone functionality and lackluster designs, everyone still expects it to outsell its Android rivals. Comfortably and rapidly.

In fact, the iOS-compatible wearable could hit 1 million sales in just its first three days on store shelves. Meanwhile, combined 2014 shipments of all Android Wear devices reportedly reached a pithy 720K units.

Basically, unless Big G, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Asus and co. radically change something ASAP, Cupertino may end up contending with Pebble for the uber-desirable smartwatch crown. Ironically, the search giant’s ace up the sleeve is supposedly iPhone synchronization.

According to several semi-reliable sources of late, work on iOS support for Android Wear timepieces has been in motion since last year, with project completion targeted by May. The Google I/O conference takes place then, and rumor has it Mountain View sees the San Francisco event as the perfect unveil venue.

LG G Watch R iOS notification

Now, The Verge joins the speculation game with word from the publication’s own “source close to the development team”, and so it’s nearly etched in stone. Google is about to put business before ego, and let iFans pull their notifications on Moto 360s or LG G Watches.

Obviously, precise details on the execution remain a question mark, although a specially conceived Android Wear app for iPhones will likely enable sync. The full range of Google Now actions and features should be permitted through this companion app, but no one’s certain yet if music controls or other types of wrist commands shall also be activated.

More importantly, what might Apple think of the unexpected olive branch? It’s possible Larry Page already has Tim Cook’s blessing after a mutually lucrative behind-the-scenes agreement, but what if that’s not the case? Will Cupertino shut the whole thing down, figuring there’s more to lose for the Apple Watch than gain for iPhones? Wait and see is unfortunately all we can do right now.

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